Stay Concealed and Comfortable While Hunting

We are also selling the Shadow Hunter Blinds. These blinds keep you concealed and comfortable. They are weather resistant, conceal movement, control odors, and keep sound in. Please go to the contact page, or call.


Shadow Hunter Blinds

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Shadow Blind Elevator

  • Use the elevator brackets to elevate your blind and increase your range. Use these brackets to make a quick and sturdy platform.
  • Just bolt on the Elevators and add treated posts and cross-bracing (not included).
  • Elevators are HEAVY DUTY steel and will provide years of trustworthy stability.


  • Aluminum peaked roof
  • Fully insulated roof
  • Six feet inside height
  • New silent window system
  • Rain guards over all openings
  • Elevators can be easily attached

Orien Blinds


Orien Features:

  • Modular design
  • No heavy equipment required 
  • Folds down for easy travel
  • Fully insulated with 2" of insulation 
  • All steel hunting blind stands